10 Direct Mail Stats that you did not know

Multiple changes have taken place within the United States Postal Service over the past few years. These changes affect both the internal USPS operation as well as direct mail service vendors and direct marketers across the nation. The shift toward email, social media, and mobile communication has produced concern over the future of the USPS…but as the following stats will show, direct mail is still a force in the USA.

  • The USPS processes 438 million pieces of mail EVERY day
  • This consists of 40% of the world’s mail volume
  • USPS.com receives 423 million visits per year (that’s more than 48,000 visits per hour if you were wondering!)
  • In 2012, the USPS did over $65 billion in revenue (entirely funded by sale of postage)
  • $0 of their revenue was from tax dollars
  • Direct Mail is received at 152 million DIFFERENT delivery points
  • Package services increased by nearly 9% in 2012 (“If it fits, it ships”)
  • The USPS has more retail outlets than McDonalds and Starbucks….COMBINED!
  • 78% of U.S. households regularly read or scan direct mail advertising that is sent their home
  • Direct Mail ranked as the #1 planned marketing channel in 2012, for major corporations (such as Disney, Bank of America, and Time Warner Cable).
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