Nonprofit Direct Mail

Direct Mail continues to be a major marketing channel for Nonprofit organizations.  While online marketing and social media have become major players in the marketing mix, direct mail services still produce a fantastic Return on Investment (ROI) for most Nonprofit organizations and companies.

We understand this concept and know that reducing costs is a major factor that drives successful Nonprofit direct mail campaigns.


WordTech works with Nonprofit companies and organizations, to help reduce direct mail expenses:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers large postage discounts to not-for-profit organizations.  Many of you know that First Class Mail postage is $.46 per piece (for letter rate mail).  Did you know that USPS offers discounts as steep as mailing for just $.07 per piece!  Of course, you need to follow procedures and ensure you have an automated system in place to receive these discounts (this is where WordTech can help).  From Nonprofit permit set up, to automation nonprofit mailing rates discounts…we can handle your direct mail campaign both efficiently and effectively.  Learning about all these discounts and taking advantage of the USPS offers is one thing, applying it to your future direct mail campaigns is another thing entirely.  It takes a deep knowledge of the USPS postage system, as well as an expertise in direct mail processing.  WordTech has all the angles covered.

Click the image below for a FREE postage guide.  It will show you all the rates a Nonprofit company can be eligible for, and much more.